Which Path to Persia? – Brookings Institution

What do we do about Iran? The Islamic Republic presents a confounding series of challenges for the Obama administration. Over the past thirty years, Washington has produced an unimpressive track record of policies — ranging from undeclared warfare to unilateral concessions — that have limited some Iranian mischief-making but have largely failed to convince Tehran to drop its support for terrorist groups, its pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability, or its wider efforts to overturn the regional status quo.

Which Path to Persia? objectively presents the most important policy options available to the United States in crafting a new strategy toward Iran. It considers four different types of solutions: diplomacy, military, regime change, and containment.

Full article here: brookings.edu

You can download the paper here

Page 66 Sums up the the globalist think tank’s strategy for goading Iran into a war

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