Kyle & Cat’s wedding

Started out all okay, had to drive around block once as forgot the hotel confirmation, but no biggy and off we went to Stoke, got there in good time and got our room straight away, unlike best man and wife (Bethan) whose room still wasn’t ready and they had to get dressed in our room. All still going well until I saw the cards and gifts – oh fuck! Our gift and card was still on the bookcase at home, at least an hours drive away, wedding starts in one hour. After profuse apologies all okay and just have to post it later. Anyway all now in full swing – legal bits over and done with and we all go outside for the piccies. That done back inside for a few drinks, then food (very nice food – well done Upper House at Barlaston) more drinks, speeches, into bar more drinks, into disco room more drinks, bloody hell I’m pissed. Best mans room still not ready – bad times. Jake got some friends Neve, Harrison (likes Foo Fighters too) and Logan and danced and played until 1:30am. I danced with Bethan most of the night and I am still suffering from not only copious amounts of booze but also my legs have seized up due to muscles being used which have been dormant for 10 years – curse you the Specials. Up at 7:30 am great English breakfast rocked – drove back to Brum – all feeling very dodgy – Al and me with mega hangover, Jake just delerious with tiredness. The wedding was Sunday – it is now Tuesday night, I still feel like shit.


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