Weekend update

Just a quickie – Saturday was to start by leaving home at 08:20 am to head for snowdome in Tamworth as mini Simpson was due to attend his first sesh at the Jnr snowboarding club, Al and myself were going to spend the two hours also snowboarding. My start to the day was a tad hampered because I had been snowboarding the day before for 3 hours and thought my legs wouldn’t hack it, fortunately legs were fine however due to going on the piss with Mrs W the night before did make me feel somewhat nauseous when heading down a steep hill with a board strapped to my feet. Fortunately I didn’t vomit, and recovered quite quickly. Al managed to do a rodeo (not sure whether backside or frontside) he didn’t get a grab as he was on the floor during the “trick” he did however miraculously come out of it upright, unscathed and continued downward. After the trip to Tamworth we went to Birmingham which is hell on earth on Saturdays – toooooo many peeps. Today we went – Lichfield, Willenhall, Sutton Park. At the park mini Simpson and me went for a bike ride, Al declined due to leg ache (all together now Ahhhh). We then ate a massive lunch and came home. Now monging on sofa writing this. Fin.


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One Response to Weekend update

  1. @NeoplasmSix says:

    I still ache

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