Life Imitating Art?

Having recently re-watched all of the terminator films and following a little bit of sifting around the web it’s not hard to see that life is indeed imitating art.We have Skynet (no joke I assure you)


We also have Cyberdyne , a Japanese company releasing power assisted suits, automated UAV’s over the Middle East.Then we come to Unisys, this vide0 will probably help explain what they are all about:

This is an interesting compilation of videos … make of it what you willCouple this with the USAF recruitment video belowUSAF AdvertUploaded by simpsonz666. – Technology reviews and science news videos.As a little example of some of the tech.. I give you a robotic snakeThen there is this Korean robot sentry guardLest we not forget.. military technology that is released or made visible to the public, is probably over a decade or more old.Eeeeek!

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