Davos day 4

No rhyme at all from me today,I can’t think of anything funny to sayJake had a new outfit, Sam some kneepads.We went to the slope, it seems that the number of children had multiplied .. perhaps a hatchery had released a fresh batch of demon spawn into the wild.We still had a decent number of runs. Sam was pleased as she managed to go over the uppy downy part without a spill. Jacob landed a little jump so he was also pleased.Sam and I are aching like buggery, I know it’s a cliche, but we have discovered muscles we never new existed.My ribs now appear to be ok, but Sam has bruised forefingers?  Sam has asked me to point out that the uppy/downy thing was very hairy and consisted of a 3 foot drop and back up the other side, at some speed otherwise you get stuck in the ditch and that she came out of said ditch without falling over and continued down the mountain in one piece.

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