Day 13 – St Ives

You know what, I really cant be bothered to elaborate on our day today which was fantastic albeit chav infested at times (We did visit Newquay after all), Instead today’s blog is basically a short story cut even shorter..

  • Went to Newquay – Arrived at 9 a.m. – Chavs were still asleep
  • Shops and arcades opened at 9.30 ish – Chavs starting to fill the Arcades
  • Went in several surf shops – Chav free zone
  • Visited 2 arcades – Chavtastic
  • Walked around the Boardmaster retail tents – A light sprinkling of Chavs
  • Filled up pockets with Lynx Shower Gel courtesy of the Lynx Gals
  • Had miserable cheesy chips for lunch that tasted of undercooked sweaty bollocks
  • Wangled the best seat in the house for the Skateboarding practice session, a double deck chair – who’d have thunk it
  • Got hot, really hot
  • Jacob fell over and embarrassed himself by crying, he’s 6 for crying out loud, crying should be a thing of the past at this age.
  • Returned to apartment
  • Had an indoor Barbecue – Mmm tasty
  • Filmed a movie (see below) – screenplay by Jacob Simpson

Stupid Crocodile

A short clip of today’s action.


Viva la revolution….

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