Day 12 – St Ives

After yesterday which was a great day, and exhausting until the end; today was always going to go one of two ways, fucking fantastic or a bit twat faced.

Today’s weather was probably the best it has been over the two weeks, but that didn’t matter as my imagination was in overdrive and my common sense had long departed.

I spent the morning day dreaming, imagining how good at surfing I was, then we broke for lunch, Jacob declared today “chip day”, I disagreed then went and fetched him some chips.

After baking in the early afternoon sun I psyched myself up then Sam Jacob and I hit the surf trail…. Ok I exaggerate we dragged ourselves down to the shore. The body boarding section was rammed like a cheesy 90’s rave full of whistling chavs, but that didn’t matter as we were able to enjoy the much more spacious malibu area.

I was voted first out into the ocean, after a couple of rides I crawled back out. If you hadn’t seen my surfing attempts you might have believed I had swam a few miles to shore. Sam stayed in a little longer than me and had a few rides. For me surfing should have remained in my imagination today at least.

We headed out to the Italian restaurant, the food was “Mmmm tasty”, as usual I was the only one to overeat, I was for a time literally high on Dago nosh.

Tomorrow we win….

Actually tomorrow we are heading off to Newquay for Boardmasters

Here is Jacob’s video diary entry for today:

For me today went twat faced.

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