Day 10 – St Ives

Sam wrote:

Sam arose this morning following a sleepless night due to Alex drinking far too much cider and snoring incessantly, her elbow bruised and swollen following the constant digging she had to do to make the noise stop. At 7:30 am Jacob appeared in the room to put the TV on, at this point Sam and Alex both realised it was futile to lie down any longer.

Alex went to the kitchen and made everyone a nice cup of coffee with some coconut macaroons, it was decided by all, that scrambled eggs would be good to eat so Bethan nipped to the shop to purchase some. It was at this point that Sam had a bit of a turn and challenged Jacob to a race up the beach and back before the eggs were cooked, Jacob following his usual bout of cheating won the race easily, claiming he was tired and needed to walk giving a last minute dash to the finish. To be fair they were both running so slowly a seagull went past them (on foot).

Following the hearty breakfast everyone decided it would be a good idea to go to Truro, as it was pissing down outside. On arrival at Truro following two train journeys all broke for lunch, everyone was hungry (for a change) so went into a local pub for sandwiches, ciabatta and chips n beans, all had soft drinks except for Bethan who opted for a half a cider. We then walked into town and first port of call was the game shop where Jacob had to buy Xbox game Jumper, Adam, Bethan & Maya went off on their own as their interest in computer games is limited to zero, a bit like Alex and Sam (who unfortunately have no choice but to accompany their offspring into the shop). The writer can’t really account for Adam & Bethan’s whereabouts following this but it is believed they had a quick scoot around the shops then got the train back (which took ages) arrived at the flat (eventually) Maya had a coughing fit, man came to read meter (electricity), Bethan lost her wedding rings (since found) and nearly broke her toe on stair gate (bruised – badly).

Sam, Alex and Jacob continued to look around the shops and made some very nice purchases it must be noted. Following a shopping intensive day, they headed back for the train, got there 10 mins before it was due to find that it was delayed by 20 minutes. Sam went to fetch beverages from the coffee shop on Truro platform, who were supplying some entertainment by way of a very drunk old Scottish guy who the cafe staff had requested the station master come to remove him from the premises he was refusing to move, they were refusing to serve him, Sam left the cafe with the situation in stalemate so don’t know what the outcome was. The train was now running 26 minutes late, this was now becoming an issue as a meal was booked for 6 pm at The Mex in St Ives and the connection times were very dodgy.

Finally the train arrived and they jumped on, the arrived in St Erth at 5:30 pm, having missed the 5:11 pm train the next one was 5:41 pm which was due to arrive in St Ives at 5:55 pm, the train came in 2 minutes late but the driver made the time up and got into St Ives on time. Sam, Alex and Jacob jumped off the train and legged it up past the Malakoff down the hill and ran around the corner, just as Adam called to say they were running late too as their incidents had delayed them.

At 6:10 all were sitting down ready to order, everyone had a great meal from Chilli, Fajitas and Burritos and an enormous jug of Margherita (£10 bargain). Following the meal they all went off to the arcade to waste money, Alex and Jacob got soaked as they tried to shoot hillbillies, Jacob had his obligatory ice-cream, Beth bought a headband, Adam admired a shirt. They all returned to the flat to look at the people still surfing in the sea, Jacob & Beth built a cannon, Maya went to sleep, some had a glass of wine. FIN.

Thank you to Sam today for guest writing today’s entry, I have writers block or constipation, not sure which but will report back later.
Jacob’s video diary entry for today:

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