Day 9 – St Ives

In commemoration of “Gingers are people too” day in St Ives; clouds graced our skies until late afternoon (around 4 p.m.) after which time the sun’s rays are considered to be of an intensity deemed safe for our carrot topped brethren.

It was a non eventful day, with little to write about.

  • Woke up around 7:30 a.m.
  • Weather looks promising
  • Breakfast at around 8 a.m.
  • Weather still looks promising
  • Head off into town for morning service
  • Weather still looking good
  • Look around a few shops
  • weather still not bad
  • Coffee and biscotti in The Hub
  • Clouds start to fill the sky, Gingers and Albino’s cheer
  • Head back to the apartment after attempting to pull together ingredients on a Sunday for a traditional sunday dinner (i.e. Curry)
  • Miscellaneous pasties for lunch (Vegetable, Broccoli, Large Steak and Minted Lamb)
  • Head down to the beach, defying the weather, the weather LOL’s at us and it starts to rain sporadically.
  • Maya vomits
  • Sam and Jacob make a sand sculpture of Upsy Daisy (see below)
  • Ad, Beth and Maya return to the apartment
  • The sun forces it’s way through the clouds and “Gingers are people too” day is officially over
  • Jacob, Sam and I played 3 way football, I kicked the ball with my usual precision and a fair bit of pace, I thought it was funny but the middle aged lady shot bolt upright when the 10 bob swerver rolled with gusto from gusset to barnet.
  • A glorious evening.
  • Improvised curry for dinner washed down with a lashing of strong cider (it is the Lords day after all)
  • Sam spilt red wine on the carpet and used the magic stain remover
  • A walk around town involving a visit to the arcade, I shot some old hillbilly tramps, they tried to spit on me but missed and hit some fat bitch, we laughed.
  • More lashings of cider.
  • Game over

Jacob’s video diary for today:

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