Day 8 – St Ives

No one would have believed in the early years of the twenty first century that the world was undergoing weather modification by intelligences considered greater than the general populace; that as families busied themselves preparing for a day on the beach the skies above them were being modified to dim the effects of the sun.

With infinite complacency men went to and fro over this globe experimenting on human beings without their permission, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter.

No one gave a thought to the effects that the chemicals might cause on man, or thought of them only to dismiss the idea that any dangers inherently involved were either impossible or improbable. It is curious to recall the memories before the weather changes started. At a primeval level many vaguely remember that the Sun used to shine during the summer period, those days were long gone.

Yet somewhere in the south west of England a weather system, unlike any weather system seen for some time, unsympathetic, regarded the scientist’s plans with distaste, and slowly and surely drew their plans against them. And early in August came the great encouragement.

So gullible is man, and so blinded by his gullibility, that no writer, up to the start of August has expressed and idea that the idea of Global Warming is a fraud of the highest order. Nor is it generally understood that aerosols have been sprayed into the atmosphere since 1999.

That morning, a strange object was glimpsed in the sky. I saw it. Reddish on the outer edges, an intense yellow glow in the centre; I told Sam that I’d heard rumours of a star that omitted light and heat during the daytime hours, she looked at me like I had been drinking. The morning was getting warmer and brighter than anything I had seen before. I stretched my legs and gathered all the appropriate items required for what used to be described as beach weather, whilst Sam was visibly puzzled at the beams of light that came from the sky down towards us.

We awaited the return of the others who had been to pay the parking fee for the week; they had been out early to avoid the early morning rush with only the seagulls as company.

That morning another shaft of light particles accelerated towards us, it was the second time today that this happened. I remember how I sat on the beach last year in my wetsuit to avoid the damping effect of the atmosphere. The experiences so far today gave hope that today might be different.

All six of us headed down to the beach, the tent was pitched with relative ease on the perpetually damp sand and the wind breaks positioned for maximum wind diversion. We checked the Iphone weather application for today’s weather forecast.

“The chances of any thing Sun-like today are a million to one,” It said.

Hundreds of observers saw the light rays that morning. When the sun finally broke through the clouds at around 10:30 a.m. others gathered on the beach, shops began to fill with holiday-makers and the mood of the local population began to lift to a state that was once documented by historians as happiness.

We played games in the sun, which dipped behind cloud coverage for minutes at a time, but hope was not dashed and the heat soon returned. Lunch was a lavish affair as always. Lemon curd and Tuna sandwiches washed down with CoOp’s own brand limejuice.

Even the daily newspapers woke to the climate improvements; news headlines were read “Hottest day since the last one” and “Weather can be this good all of the time if income tax can be increased by 2.5%”.

I attempted to surf but was immediately throttled and dumped by the waves, today was shaping up to be an exhausting experience, the sun draining all of my energy; the only option involved lying down horizontally for rest and relaxation.

An old acquaintance arrived at the beach unannounced, we discussed nostalgia for around 20 minutes, and Jacob performed beach acrobatics whilst I was used as bruisable gymnasium equipment.

After sometime in the early evening the family begrudgingly returned to the apartment and ate a glorious meal and discussed the day, whilst scientists continued to secretly execute their evil plans.

Jacob’s video diary for today:

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