Day 6 – St Ives

‘Bollocks! It’s morning already!’ said Alex, ‘The Sun is out aswell. Worst time it could possibly happen!’

Samantha glanced at Alex and tried to fall asleep again realising it was only 6 am. ‘We’ve got time to get our heads down for a few more minutes’ she said ‘We’ve got seven minutes before Jacob wakes us up.’

Jacob got out of bed and prepared his paper and string lengths. The others looked at each other and closed their eyes again, there was no way they were going to get away with sleeping in.

After breakfast they walked into town for some sanitary supplies, today was going to be a tough one, there was going to be no room for error.

On returning to their apartment, Susan, the lonely little girl living next door knocked on the door, the knock caused chills to run down Samantha and Alex’s spines, they knew full well what her intentions were.

‘Are you going to the beach’ she screeched, Jacob excited by the idea piped up.. ‘What a terrific Idea, can we mommy?’. With the speed of the most modern steam locomotive the Fameless Three pulled their wetsuits on; today was most likely going to involve the sea to some degree.

After slaving away for several minutes the Anti-UV tent was erected, just as well too; the apartment didn’t open directly onto the beach, and time was of the essence particularly with the lack of solar benefits to date.

The girl from next door kept yapping ‘when are you going in the sea?’ in a way reminiscent of a small terrier type dog with a borderline personality disorder. ‘After lunch’ Samantha declared, then attempted to sleep for a few minutes.

Lunch was splendid as ever Alex prepared a picnic consisting of Lemon Curd Sandwiches for Jacob, Tuna Mayonnaise for Samantha, and Tuna/Sweetcorn Mayonnaise for himself, with a smattering of crisps for everyone.

Samantha and Alex kept look out, ‘Thank fuck for that’ Susan has gone back into her own apartment, ‘quick, grab your surfboards and run!’ said Samantha, Jacob and Alex agreed and ran down to the bodyboarding area of the beach whilst keeping one eye open for Susan.

Jacob and Samantha went into the sea up to their waists, which was more than deep enough and well within health and safety parameters. Samantha and Alex laughed out loud when Jacob smashed into two older children sending them flying, celebrations were dashed when they discovered Jacob had picked up a bruise of his own.

The three made their way back to the beach tent, using stealth skills garnered from watching episodes of Chuck, they arrived at the tent and hid for fun. The fun didn’t last long though as Susan noticed that they had returned. ‘Have you been in the sea?’ she screeched, ‘yes, we couldn’t find you though!’ Alex lied.

Alex and Samantha decided now was as good as anytime to have a rest. Jacob played solo beach tennis and unfortunately lost.

After a short break Samantha, Alex decided to take the Malibu boards down to the shore. Jacob was very grumpy and ruined Alex’s fun by getting cold. Samantha overconfident appeared to attempt a hang ten and somehow took a knock to the head.

They all laughed at the fun that had ensued and prepared to pack up for the day.

Jacob’s Video Diary Entry:

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One Response to Day 6 – St Ives

  1. me says:

    Samantha's injury was the end of the surfboard smacking her in the cheekbone, there does not appear to be any permanent damage at the time of writing.

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