Day 4 – St Ives

We were somewhere near the lounge window when the clouds began to take hold. I remember saying something like “Look at the sky; do you reckon it’s going to rain?…” And suddenly there was a terrible mist all around us and the sky was full of what looked like water, all drizzling and dripping and splashing all over the town, St Ives was slowly submerging into a murkiness that resembled “Up North”. And a voice was screaming in my head “Holy Bollocks! Shall we go to Penzance?”

Then it stopped raining for a while, Jacob managed to slip both shoes on to hasten the evacuation process. “Why are you bloody crying?” I probably shouted, “I’ve hurt my thumbs” he definitely whined back. “Never mind’ I said “We are going to drive to Penzance.” A shouting match ensued as Jacob wanted to go by train I won of course and pointed the Landrover towards the winding country roads. No need discussing the lack of rain at this point, I was pretty confident that it will be back before long.

It was around noon, and we pulled up into Penzance following a grueling 10+ mile drive. The town looked the same as always, still no pirates. There was no going back, at least not for a little while as lunch beckoned and there is no stopping lunch. Service in the Wetherspoon’s pub was a standard affair, you have to join the queue with the street urchins ordering cocktails of methylated spirits and organic beer. A large lady bore the brunt of my moaning as I was unable to seat myself at the table. I thought I was a little quieter than I was; the sour bag’s face told a different story. The food arrived; it was one of those occasions where the anticipation by far exceeded the reality of the situation. After eating the dry reheated pasta muck and packet chili con carne we left the public house. A quick tour of the remainder of Penzance revealed that the only changes were closed retail establishments and at this we decided to leave.

Jacob pressed us into going to see “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince” using the tried and tested whining and moaning technique. The film was due to start at 5:15 pm which obviously conflicted with our regular eating times, we didn’t let the movie stop us and took food from the Co-Op. I’m still no fan of eating in the dark.

Jacob’s video Diary for today:

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