Day 3 – St Ives


Great day as far as weather was concerned, we woke up to blue skies…

Within 15 minutes the heavens opened and we were pissed off. To hell with it we still went on the beach, and our faith was duly repaid, the majority of the rest of the day, including ‘the now’ the sky has remained clear.


Soggy Jacob

Sam and I had a crack at surfing, our fitness levels proved to be second to none, and by that I mean that at present we appear to have no detectable level of fitness.

We both managed to stand up, which was good, how else would we have got down to the sea.

Jacob met a new friend, weird that they are generally always girls!

We had booked a meal at The Mex in St Ives, cracking meal, the two fitness freaks had a meal deal (14.95 GBP each) which consisted of:

Starter: Nachos with cheese and Salsa

Next Course: Combo Platter which consisted of1. Mozzarella sticks2. Loaded Potato skins with sour cream3. Loaded Potato skins with chili beef4. Stuffed Peppers5. Chili Beef Meatballs

Main Course: Chicken Fajitas

Sweet: Ice cream selection (or Death by Chocolate + others)

Jacob had Fajitas and managed to ponce half of our ice creams!

To wash this all down we had a jug of Margaritas (10 GBP), I had about 2/3 of the Jug, Sam was pie-eyed at this stage. Thinking of nothing but fitness as per usual we decided that we would aggressively work off all of the above food, and as such we took a leisurely walk around the Island.

We capped all of this off by sitting on the beach for a full half hour.. Exhausting stuff

Jacob’s video diary entry..

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