Day 1 – St Ives

Arrived in St Ives at around midday(ish) – Two irritations already, and both my own fault.

Firstly I thought my car wouldn’t fit in what I remembered to be quite a low garage (It’s a Freelander by the way! not a ground hugging sports car, so not as stupid as it sounds). Having forgotten my roof bar tool I had to splash out £9.79 on a set of star allen keys.

Having arrived at the apartment, I took the roof bars off before even testing the height only to discover that my memory is as crap as my rhythm and dancing abilities. The car + roof bars would have fit by a country mile.

Secondly, having a 6 year old, we are kind of stuck after 8-9 pm ish entertainment wise.

a) Purchased a freeview box last year as the apartment didn’t have one.
b) Found the freeview box but couldn’t locate the remote control (therefore useless)
c) Purchased a new freeview box
d) Having arrived in St Ives, looked in glove compartment and found original remote control!
e) Arrived at apartment and found that the apartment now has a freeview box.

That’s the annoyances out of the way..The weather has been a bit hit and miss, but we are in the UK so it goes with the territory I guess.


The view from the afternoon
The Sky at it’s most ominous


Jacob and friend Millie

Here is Jacob’s video diary entry for today

Tomorrow we are going surfing whatever the weather and future blog entries will center around fun activities unless of course it all goes to shit again.

Edit: Popped into St Ives town last night.. took a couple of photos and visited the local arcade!

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