There’s murder in the air.

Being a regular reader of the BBC Tech section of the news website I was intrigued to follow their recent (and by recent I specifically mean 2009) spate of military equipment (future and present) articles.

The first article that caught my eye was this:

Now call me crazy (I’m quite used to it) but shouldn’t this equipment be classified or at the very least, this article provides effectively a simple guide to identifying the various types of craft.
Have you noticed that the “Saturn” is being developed to differentiate between civilians and possible enemy combatants by looking to see if they are holding a weapon of some description?
This bit needs to be addressed before we move on as technology is already either in place or being developed to track people by their walking style or gait, the Daily Mail had run an article on this back in September 2008 and it can be found here, a snapshot of the screen is below:
Now we all know that we only get told about technology that is at best old technology, particularly when there are military applications involved, so I will leave it to you to make up your own mind regarding how the military are really to differentiate between civilians and insurgents.
Then we move on to the Reaper, what a scary ass piece of kit this is, a variation on this unmanned drone was used in the film Eagle Eye, I mention Eagle Eye because I will go back to this film later.
Next up, but not that exciting is the Desert hawk III, which to me looks like a more advanced version of the old polystyrene elastic band powered kid’s toys back in the 70’s / 80’s.. Anyway I digress.
The following chart provides Top Trumps style Statistics for 3 of the unmanned drones; pay particular attention to the range and endurance of the Reaper….

Then we switch to something a little more tasty: Taranis & Mantis

Just to recap, this beast can stay airborne for up to 24 hours at any one time; it is built to stealth specifications and is in the deep strike category of aircraft, what however it doesn’t say is the scariest aspect. 4th paragraph states that most UAV’s are “controlled on ground” meaning basically that this one is a little different. It also mentions that it can cover an area with almost regular monotony; to me this suggests that this aircraft will not be under human control but will be using some kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) . Will this AI go as far as making decisions and acting upon them?
It doesn’t stop there, we can go further down the rabbit hole to something a whole lot murkier something known as the “Global Information Grid” or GIG for short, to quote from Wikipedia:

The Global Information Grid (GIG) is an all-encompassing communications project of the United States Department of Defense. It is defined as a “globally interconnected, end-to-end set of information capabilities for collecting, processing, storing, disseminating, and managing information on demand to warfighters, policy makers, and support personnel.” The GIG includes owned and leased communications and computing systems and services, software (including applications), data, security services, other associated services, and National Security Systems. Non-GIG IT includes stand-alone, self contained, or embedded IT that is not, and will not be, connected to the enterprise network

According to the New York Times:

The Pentagon is building its own Internet, the military’s world wide web for the wars of the future.
The goal is to give all American commanders and troops a moving picture of all foreign enemies and threats – “a God’s-eye view” of battle.
This “Internet in the sky,” Peter Teets, under secretary of the Air Force, told Congress, would allow “marines in a Humvee, in a faraway land, in the middle of a rainstorm, to open up their laptops, request imagery” from a spy satellite, and “get it downloaded within seconds.”
Advocates say networked computers will be the most powerful weapon in the American arsenal. Fusing weapons, secret intelligence and soldiers in a globe-girdling network – what they call net-centric warfare – will, they say, change the military in the way the Internet has changed business and culture.
“Possibly the single most transforming thing in our force,” Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has said, “will not be a weapons system, but a set of interconnections.”
Now I ask you to take a step back, close your eyes and imagine a scenario whereby a computer system via a satellite uplink can track any one person, for whatever reason by their walk/gait and at a moments notice dispatch a drone aircraft, be it a Predator or even one of their new ones such as the Taranis & Mantis to neutralise that person by whatever means are required.

Taking this one step further down the rabbit hole I am quoting below an extract from an article posted on the Infowars website (by Chris Paine, developed from extensive research carried out by AI of the Prison Planet Forum): –

It seems the U.S. Air Force is investing huge sums of money, which began at a summit at the University of North Dakota, into the development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Army! Thats right folks, and there is a flavor for everyone planned for full force deployment by 2047! Not only is their the Predator and Global Hawk that the world has grown so familiar with, but they are also developing mid- and short-range UAVs as well. All of which are currently capable of autonomously taking off, flying en route to the “mission area” and landing, allowing for minimal human interaction. The real crazy stuff comes in the form of Fly insect-shaped UAV designed for espionage. These micro-sized vehicles are capable of full audio and video transmission making secrecy a thing of the past!
As if that wasn’t enough, the payload on each of these machines vary from Infrared/Electro-optical missiles to being able to deploy nano-machine weapons engineered in various different ways. Able to infect the target(s) resulting in whatever devious malaise they are programmed with and ultimately resulting in death.
To a lot of people the above may seem to be “Science Fiction” or too far fetched but this information is taken from their own documentation and has been covered by the Main Stream Media, but it looks a lot like a military backed fascist technocratic dictatorship heading this way.

Below is a video displaying some of the technology mentioned above..courtest of the US Airforce

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