It seems like some northerners have taken it upon themselves to “create” sperm, whoopee fucking do, lets face it they could have probably spent time on something worthwhile like a cure for Cancer, Aids, or a whole multitude of other diseases.

But, NO in a world that so called “Experts” are saying is overcrowded (I disagree here but would however suggest it is mismanaged)  scientists are dabbling with stem cells to create sperm cells and as such aiding further reproduction.

Now there is sufficient evidence to suggest that various toxins that are fed into our water supplies and food sources that are helping the male of the species to become slowly infertile and as such irrelevant – please see The Disappearing Male documentary (below)

Questions should be asked regarding funding of this operation, particularly as tax payers have already been forced to plunder any future nest eggs into the fraudulent banking cabal’s bonus and pension scheme. If this is being privately funded I would like to know why and for what purpose. Are we chaps being phased out with chemical additives?

Until we know the answers I urge everyone to continue reproducing the old fashioned way, I would embed an instructional video but I guess I would have to change this blogs rating.

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