Watch the skies, keep looking….

Not once had I witnessed the phenomenon known as ‘Chemtrails’ although I had read about them and had seen plenty of photographs, however last night a small number of planes started polluting the skies above sunny Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands.


What is regretful is that about 30 minutes before this photo the sky was as clear as a whistle, looking in the bottom right of the photo you can see a series of these vapour trails in the distance..

Slowly but surely the ‘trails’ began to spread/bulk out as can be seen below


Eventually, even though the trails were in the distance, the cloud formations were evident..

I remember as a child that the vapour trails from planes dissipated quite quickly and did not linger to eventually form clouds, one thing I am sure though is that there is some kind of atmospheric shenanigans going on here.

As darkness drew in the cloud spread was more evident with some very strange cloud shapes being evident, as below..


Is this evidence of cloud seeding?

Is this atmospheric conditioning?

Is this an attempt to stifle “climate change”?

is this the cause of “climate change”?

Are we significant enough to affect climate change?

So many questions, so little time, one thing is for sure, they do exist…

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