Davos – Day 4 – 18th February 2009


Well, it looks like the weather forecasters are better than ours, it’s sunny and very crisp out there.


We decided we’d start off at a leisurely pace today, after breakfast we put on our full snowboarding gear and got the free shuttle bus down to Bahnhof Platz and dumped our boards at the bottom of the slope in the unlocked racks (apparently its unheard of for equipment to go missing, even if left overnight!)

We then decided we would go for a trip up in the cable cars, I was quite nervous of this for some reason and Sam who is notoriously scared of heights wasn’t – very weird. Once we had reached the summit we had a bite to eat and took a couple of photos…




Following lunch and our photo session, we thought it a good idea to work off the chips and spent the afternoon on the slope. We first went on a snow bound nursery slope Jacob fine, Sam nearly buried and almost sick, Al virtually buried nearly had a heart attack, nightmare trying to dig yourself out. Next decided the more popular route again as we are still on the nursery slopes, and probably will remain so on this holiday we decided to let Jacob go down unsupervised – he was fine…(and much better than either of us).


Apologies for the white noise on the videos but I don’t have video editing software to sort it out at the moment.

Jacob’s video diary for today…..

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