Davos – Day 3 – 17th February 2009


It’s been really really really snowing hard overnight and all day, we decided to take a break from the slopes, however we did lunch at the foot of the mountain, chips, hotdogs and a couple of coffees – total cost just under 25 swiss francs – around £15 – £17 (apparently cheaper higher up the mountain too!)



Swimming in the “heated” swimming pool, it was cold but not as cold as the one in Woolacombe bay. Still snowing!


Went for a bite to eat away from the hotel, Sam had bolognese, Jacob had fajitas and I had a spaghetti dish called Babi Babs (I think thats how it’s spelt) plus for pudding Sam had meringue, ice cream for Jacob and I had caramel creme + a couple of beers – total cost 120 francs (£72)

Still snowing – I estimate a couple of foot at least today, perhaps more

Jacob’s video diary entry for today…

Apparently its going to be sunny tomorrow, lets see how accurate the forecasts are here !
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  1. Ad says:

    Hi, it's Mom enjoying your blog. Please take a nice photo of Jake snowboarding for me. Love & kisses. x

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