Davos – Day 2 – 16th February 2009


Went for a nice walk this morning and took in the breathtaking views.Sam purchased a rear end protector for her bruised coccyx, real snow isn’t as hard as the snow dome but at speed it still hurts!
We are off to have a 2nd lesson shortly, again mainly for Jacob’s benefit as he won’t listen to Sam or I, and even if he did we would probably teach him wrong.



A cool afternoon, and I do mean “cool”, arrived at the slope at 1.30pm the temperature was -11 degrees C. (if anyone knows how to do the symbol let me know – please bear in mind I’m using a sub notebook and a Linux distribution!). We were advised that it was a lot cooler, that said within 10 minutes it started snowing and did so for the duration of the afternoon.
Due to Sam’s injury which is thankfully a lot better now and my aching limbs we took it easy today, Jacob however had a lesson with Dom from yesterday and is improving quite rapidly, he had a go in the mini snow park which is effectively a little area with conveyor belt type apparatus (see second picture below)

Jacob’s diary entry for today…

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