Big Brother search engine does it again

Search engine giant Google has already overstepped the mark on several occasions, a couple of these being: –

Google Street View – Do you mind google taking photos of your house ?

Privacy policy – Google likes to keep records of your searches / search phrases for up to 2 years

Now it wants to track you in real time…..

Google has announced that they have produced an iPhone application that is going to allow ‘Friends’ to track each other.

Surely if friends want to know where each other are they could erm.. pick up the f*****g phone and call each other, after all that’s what it was intended for !

Google this morning announced new software that will let mobile phone users share their whereabouts with family or friends, and it’s due to turn up on the iPhone shortly.

Dubbed Google Latitude, the technology is actually a new feature of the search giant’s Maps software for mobile phones and an iGoogle gadget that can be installed on your computer.

“Once you’ve opted in to Latitude, you can see the approximate location of your friends and loved ones who have decided to share their location with you,” Google said.

“So now you can do things like see if your spouse is stuck in traffic on the way home from work, notice that a buddy is in town for the weekend, or take comfort in knowing that a loved one’s flight landed safely, despite bad weather.”

The new software also ties into the company’s existing fleet of communication services, letting family and friends keep in constant touch through SMS messages, Google Talk, Gmail, or by status message updates. Users can also change their profile photo on the fly.

Find the full text here

Will this full spectrum intrusion ever stop?
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